Monday, August 9, 2010

WinSCP - A good tool to be with

Frankly, I have not tried many (S)FTP clients because WinSCP never gave me a reason to look for options.
WinSCP has a good user-interface infact it has 2 UIs. One is Commander another one is Explorer. Explorer, obviously, is similar to Windows Explorer. Commander user-interace is supposed to be similar to another software Total-Commander which is an alternative to Windows Explorer. I have not used Total-Commander as of now (although I do not intend to, considering its not so good UI).

Not forgetting the fact, that it has been running since 2003, it has won the SourceForge's Project of the month award and its FREE !!!!!

To name a few features that I frequently use are
1. Commander user-interface (one time setup)
2. Integration with PuTTy
3. Keyboard-shortcut (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2,...) to move around different servers.
4. Ctrl+Shift+D to disconnect the current session.
5. Ctrl+N to start a new server connection.
6. Auto-login on the Server on PuTTy

I have not seen any reviews that is going against or pointing out any missing feature in this tool.

Hope you like it too.

Do post comments if you use some other tool and you are happy with it.