Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have been researching a little over the internet to find some best practices in the Onsite Offshore Communication.
I must say that I was not surprised that there isn't much about this on the internet, considering the fact that there is no silver bullet for overcoming the everyday communication gaps.

Anyway, although I was looking for something on Onsite-Offshore communication best practices but I stumbled upon "Pragmatic Outsourcing" site. This website is majorly about the different learning from the different outsourcing initiatives that the author Nick Krym has experienced.

I found the website quite interesting and although I did find the statement "Just like many other destinations, not only drink bottled water but also brush your teeth with it" a little funny. But please do not take it otherwise but I do understand the warning was related to the health concern.

The blog seems to be updated regularly and glancing through the content I definitely think that this site goes into my bookmarks for a regular visit.

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